Are You Hungry?

This week we continue with our series titled “The Upside-Down Kingdom” and Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. We’ll learn more about the Beatitudes Jesus taught and the qualities and characteristics of living a life like Jesus. Join us as Pastor Dawn teaches us that we will be blessed when we hunger and thirst for God’s righteousness. Yes, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.” Matthew 5:6. Come, eat and drink with us until you are filled!

Restoring the Right Side Up

We are continuing in the series the Upside Down Kingdom with “Restoring the Right Side Up.” Jesus began his beautiful and radical Sermon on the Mount with eight beatitudes. Each of these beatitudes build upon the other but the first is the most foundational. Pastor Don will lead us through the first beatitude and highlight the five key words that address two significant questions: “Who am I" and "Who is God?”

Crown Without the Cross

We live in a fast-paced world that focuses on end goals, results, and getting to the finish line as fast as possible. We run through life searching for the most convenient and efficient way to quickly reach our destination. When things aren’t moving in the right direction, it’s easy to take control and impose our own will. But what if that isn’t God’s will? For most of us, the destination is more important than the journey. However, for God, the journey is more important than the destination. Join us as Pastor Keane unpacks Jesus’ mountaintop temptation and continues the series, “The Upside Down Kingdom.”


Jesus did not come to inherit or to start a religion but He came to reconnect humanity with Father God and to establish God's Kingdom here on earth. At the center of God’s Kingdom is RELATIONSHIP. It’s relationship with Jesus first and then with others. Weekly visits to church and religious acts is not what makes us worthy of relationship with Jesus yet so often we are prone to being performance-driven and not relationship-driven. Jesus rejected the performance-driven ways of the earthly kingdom. He pursued relationship and wants us to do the same. How would our lives look if we lived the way Jesus intends for those living in the Kingdom of God?

The Bread

“I’m the Bread-winner in my family!” Have you ever heard someone say that? What they are really saying is that they bring the most money, substance, and security to their family. And because of this, many people in our world today are consumed with the pursuit of “Bread.” And sometimes without even knowing it, we base our personal value and self-esteem on how much we have, and we value others based on how much or little they have. Join us this weekend, as Pastor Jared unpacks Jesus' view of “bread” in Matthew 4 and helps us respond to our world with His upside down kingdom’s perspective!

A New View For a New Year

With the anticipation of a new year often comes the preparation of New Year's resolutions and goals such as getting fit, learning something new, spending less and saving more. Although these are good things, they may not necessarily be what God is asking us to set our eyes on. In 2018, what if the focus is less on you and more on others? And what if it’s less about what God is going to do for us and more about what God is wanting to do through us? Join us as Pastor Keane shares "A New View For A New Year”.