Illumination & Transformation

What if it IS true that the Bible gives us the answers to life’s challenging questions: love, marriage, parenting, finances, suffering, contentment, joy, hope, strength, purpose? God’s Word turns the light on (“illumination”) and at the same time, transforms us into a person of wisdom, joy, and peace. Then let’s examine why many of us do not read it!

Woe to You

Have you ever heard the phrase "Christians are all hypocrites”?  Research shows that more and more people are leaving the church or refusing to attend because of the actions of those who profess to follow Christ.  As we continue our series "What if it's True?”,  Pastor Chad will help us tackle the painful truth which Jesus shared about hypocrites and how it applies to US…the church!  We will examine the question "What if it's true that Jesus is greater than our perceptions of others?”.

Choose Wisely

We cannot have love without the freedom to not love. We were created with the ability to choose love and thus with the potential to choose its opposite – evil. What keeps us from choosing GOD? We will explore both our human responsibility and the sovereignty of God. This week, Pastor Tiffa will help us to see what can be drawn from scripture on this subject of “choice.”

Science and Faith: Friend? Or Foe?

In our modern world, humanity is making some huge discoveries and advancements in the arena of science. So much so that many are left wondering what this means for people of faith. Is Science and Faith compatible? Or do they conflict with each other? Are they friends? Or are they foes? This weekend, Pastor Jared will be tackling the narrative and relationship between Science and Faith, as we seek answers to the questions that bar many of us from fully trusting God with our lives! See you there!