Jared Yamaguchi

Fix Your Focus

When you hear the word "explicit", what comes to mind? Do you immediately jump to something derogatory? The interesting thing about this word is its definition...something that is clearly expressed; leaving nothing merely implied; leaving no room for confusion or doubt. Throughout this series, we will be sharing some of the attributes and characteristics of God. We will see that God is not bashful to fully and clearly express Himself to humanity. Join us this weekend as Pastor Jared shares how we can Fix our Focus on our EXPLICIT GOD!

Science and Faith: Friend? Or Foe?

In our modern world, humanity is making some huge discoveries and advancements in the arena of science. So much so that many are left wondering what this means for people of faith. Is Science and Faith compatible? Or do they conflict with each other? Are they friends? Or are they foes? This weekend, Pastor Jared will be tackling the narrative and relationship between Science and Faith, as we seek answers to the questions that bar many of us from fully trusting God with our lives! See you there!

The Bread

“I’m the Bread-winner in my family!” Have you ever heard someone say that? What they are really saying is that they bring the most money, substance, and security to their family. And because of this, many people in our world today are consumed with the pursuit of “Bread.” And sometimes without even knowing it, we base our personal value and self-esteem on how much we have, and we value others based on how much or little they have. Join us this weekend, as Pastor Jared unpacks Jesus' view of “bread” in Matthew 4 and helps us respond to our world with His upside down kingdom’s perspective!