Tiffany Garza

Living for the Glory of the Father

God’s glory. It’s greater than we could ever imagine and better than we can possibly hope for. We hear about God’s glory at church and we sing many songs that reference the Glory of God. So, what exactly is God’s Glory?

My hope is that we would not become products of a Christian culture that has fostered and promoted a small, domesticated view of God’s glory but that we will behold God as He truly is - and that we become all the more trusting, passionate, confident, zealous worshipers - and make God famous!

Choose Wisely

We cannot have love without the freedom to not love. We were created with the ability to choose love and thus with the potential to choose its opposite – evil. What keeps us from choosing GOD? We will explore both our human responsibility and the sovereignty of God. This week, Pastor Tiffa will help us to see what can be drawn from scripture on this subject of “choice.”


Jesus did not come to inherit or to start a religion but He came to reconnect humanity with Father God and to establish God's Kingdom here on earth. At the center of God’s Kingdom is RELATIONSHIP. It’s relationship with Jesus first and then with others. Weekly visits to church and religious acts is not what makes us worthy of relationship with Jesus yet so often we are prone to being performance-driven and not relationship-driven. Jesus rejected the performance-driven ways of the earthly kingdom. He pursued relationship and wants us to do the same. How would our lives look if we lived the way Jesus intends for those living in the Kingdom of God?